Add Remote Realized count in Performance, E2E and Graphical analytics.
February 25th, 2021
Graphical Analytics:
Exposed total_remote_realized in analytics response.

E2E Analytics:
Now added additional filter option in status filter. The status filter accepts remote_realized argument and return result.

Performance Analytics:
Added following keys to the response:
  • remote_realized_total
  • o_remote_realized_1
  • o_remote_realized_2
  • o_remote_realized_5
  • o_remote_realized_7
  • o_remote_realized_8
  • o_remote_realized_9
  • i_remote_realized_1
  • i_remote_realized_2
  • i_remote_realized_5
  • i_remote_realized_7
  • i_remote_realized_8
  • i_remote_realized_9

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