Added feature Sales CRM
August 13th, 2020
Call/Meeting tracker: 
  1. Added mutation for create, update and destroy. engagementCreate, engagementUpdate, engagementDelete
  2. Added can_add_engagement permission object in EmployeeLeadPermissionType
  3. Added can_update and can_delete permission objects in EngagementPermissionType.
  4. Exposed engagements as connections in EmployeeLeadType

Lead Qualification:
  1. Added fields budget, authority, need and timing in EmployeeLeadInput, EmployeeLeadType and EmployeeLeadFilter
  2. added field qualification_score in EmployeeLeadType which will return the percentage for true value in budget, authority, need and timing fields.
Status time tracker
  1. added field status_last_updated_at in EmployeeLeadType which will return the timestamp for the latest status update.
1. budget, authority, need and timing are boolean type but the UI will have options like Yes, No.
2. meeting date and meeting time will be two different fields in UI but it will be one field in API - engagement_date
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