Added status remote_realized in application
February 25th, 2021
Before in remote realize feature we tracked remote start date and remove end date. Now, in API remote_realized status is added and will be updated with this status for the applications which are being marked as remote_realized.

We have added this status which will help us get these stats in analytics.

Recommended changes on user interfaces

Customer Facing Applications
  1. If you are showing a timeline of an application, you must now represent remote_realized by checking for this status.
  2. When filtering data for remote realized applications, you must also pass "remote_realized" in the filters as well.

Internal Applications
  1. If you are showcasing statuses of applications or people in a list, you must account for remote_realized status
  2. If you are showcasing the profile of a particular application, you must check for the status remote_realized
  3. If you are showcasing a timeline, you must check for the remote_realized status.
  4. You must add remote_realized status as a filter on all lists for people and applications.

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