Added VPP API support
March 7th, 2023
Please refer to the following changes to VPP integration:
  • Add experience_type field in opportunity input. The enum options are physical, semi-remote and remote.
  • Exposed the experience_type in the OpporutunityType response
  • Added experience_type filter argument in Opportunity filter which is used in Opportunities API. This needs to be implemented in EXPA and YOP.
  • Added experience_type filter argument in Application filter which is used in Applications API.
  • Remove partly_remove filter in opportunity and applications CRM in EXPA and YOP. 
  • Remove API endpoints(mark_opportunity_remote, unmark_opportunity_remote) which were used to mark and unmark opportunities as semi-remote on the opportunity details page.
  • Added experience_type to programme_fees object in committees API. This is used in the fees section on the Committees details page under the youth opportunity portal side nav
Note: In API, we also did changes in permission objects such as can_open in opportunity and can_be_remote_realized in opportunity application to use the newly added field(experience_type). 

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