Breaking change: Performance analytics response format changed for open data
August 24th, 2020
With new programmes, the performance analytics response has to be changed to accommodate these programmes.

Open OGX:

Before Improvement:
open_ogx, open_ogv, open_ogt, open_oge

After Improvement:
open_ogx, open_o_programme_1, open_o_programme_2, open_o_programme_5, open_o_programme_7, open_o_programme_8, open_o_programme_9

Open ICX:

Before Improvement:
open_icx, open_igv, open_igt, open_ige

After Improvement:
open_icx, open_i_programme_1, open_i_programme_2, open_i_programme_5, open_i_programme_7, open_i_programme_8, open_i_programme_9

Applications Data:

Before Improvement:
i_matched_gv, i_matched_gt, i_matched_ge, o_matched_gv, o_matched_gt, o_matched_ge

After Improvement:
i_matched_1, i_matched_2, i_matched_5, i_matched_7, i_matched_8, i_matched_9,  o_matched_1, ,  o_matched_2,  o_matched_5,  o_matched_7,  o_matched_8,  o_matched_9

1. This same format applies for all the other statuses also -  applied, matched, an_accepted, approved, realized, finished, completed
3. The number value added now are the programmes ids.
1 - Old GV
2 - Old GT
5 - GE
7 - New GV
8 - New GT(GTa)
9 - GTe

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