GV Templates API changes in EXPA
October 27th, 2021
Projects API:
  1. Added createProject endpoint to create projects.
  2. Added weeklyActivitiesBulkCreate and weeklyActivitiesBulkDelete  to manage project activities. 
  3. Added updateProject endpoint to update details.
  4. To manage Enabled/Disabled use key project_enabled. This is added in createProject and updateProject endpoints.
Opportunity API changes:
  1. added project_id argument in createOpportunity endpoint.
  2. added projectsList endpoint to get the list of available projects. Use this to show the list of projects in projects dropdown in opportunity create form.
  3. Added weeklyActivitiesBulkCreate and weeklyActivitiesBulkDelete to add/delete Project activities.
  4. Exposed project object in OpportunityType.
  5. Exposed weekly_activities object in OpportunityType. This object will have activities from both project and opportunity.
  6. Added opportunity_type filter in opportunities API. Use this filter and pass opportunity_type as opportunity in all Opportunity crm pages in EXPA.
  7. Added key mandatory_fields_check in opportunity type. This object will have all fields with complete check.
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