Member Lead CRM API changes
October 27th, 2021
Changes in MemberLead .

  • Add Motivation question is a single select field with the following options 
    1. Question: What is your motivation when joining AIESEC?
    2. Options: 
      • Personal Development
      • Leadership Experience
      • Global Networking
      • Connect with impact of AIESEC
  • Motivation to be added as a field to Member Lead form on, 
    • YOP Membership form
    • EXPA Create lead form
  • Display Motivation question on Member Lead Profile Page and Modal
  • Add column for Motivation question on Member Lead CRM
  • Add filter for Motivation question on Member Lead CRM.
  • Change status New Lead to Applied
  • Change status Recruited to Accepted
  • Status name changes to be displayed in the following scenarios (no change in colour) 
    • Status switches - Profile page & modal
    • Status filters - CRM
    • Status tags - CRM and Profile page & modal

API changes:
  1. Options can be found in all_constants Query . type_id is motivation_reason.
  2. Added input field called motivation_reason_id in MemberLead create, update API.
  3. Exposed motivation_reason object in MemberLead response type. 
  4. Added filter input called motivation_reason_ids
  5. Changes status keys new_lead => applied and recruited => accepted .
  6. Renamed member_lead_recruit mutation to member_lead_accept .
  7. Removed moved_to_recruited_by and date_moved_to_recruited  and added  moved_to_accepted_by and date_moved_to_accepted . 
  8. Renamed permission object can_move_to_recruit to can_move_to_accept

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