Urgent: Deprecation of old performance and E2E analytics params
August 17th, 2020
We have revamped both Performance and E2E analytics to serve the response fast. These change has been implemented in EXPA analytics.
We could still see few analytics requests in our logs with old params for performance and E2E and this is affecting other analytics requests. We have planned to remove the support for old analytics params and this way the other requests are served faster.

Recommended Solution:

Performance Analytics:
Old param - performance
New param - performance_v3
Sample request:  https://analytics.api.aiesec.org/v2/applications/analyze.json?access_token=****&start_date=2019-05-29&end_date=2020-01-01&performance_v3[office_id]=1626

E2E Analytics:
Old param - e_to_e
New param - e_to_e_v1
Sample request - https://analytics.api.aiesec.org/v2/applications/analyze.json?access_token=****&start_date=2020-01-01&end_date=2020-08-05&e_to_e_v1[person_committee]=1585&e_to_e_v1[opportunity_committee]=1609&e_to_e_v1[status]=accepted&programmes[]=1

Deprecation Date:  7th August 2020

Note: After the deprecation date if the endpoint is still accessed with old param the response  code will be 410 and there will not be any data returned.

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