Urgent: Removal of old programmes support in API signup
August 17th, 2020
The signup in aiesec.org is carried out in two ways.
1. Signup through aiesec.org
2. signup via API endpoint.

Signup via API endpoint support additional fields along with the mandatory fields. One of the field is selected_programmes and this is to mark the product interest fo the Signup account. This field used to accept values like 1, 2, 5. These are the programme ids. We have stopped support for old programmes and thus allow only new programmes 7, 8, 9.

If any of the old programme Id is passed in selected_programmes the API will respond with Validation error.

Sample error response for old programme id :
Status Code: 422
    "errors": {
        "selected_programmes": [
            "Old products are not supported anymore. Please use the new products - 7, 8, 9"

Please change the value to new programme ids for successful signups.

New programme Ids:
7 - Global Volunteer
8 - Global Talent
9 - Global Teacher
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